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Mavericks Cricket Institue

Mavericks Cricket Institue

Mavericks Cricket Institue


Ultimate Pace Foundation

Ultimate Pace Foundation

Ultimate Pace Foundation


Ian Pont : Coaching Methodology : Mavericks Cricket Institute

Keep your elbows and arms pumping in as you run up and load up into action.
Nothing throws your momentum and straight lines off like unnecessary side to side movements.
Keeping your action 'tight' helps you to control the release of the ball.

Ian Pont is a pioneer in this field and has spent decades researching and developing the mechanics and drills needed for pace and accuracy.

Ian has also been a specialist Fast Bowling Coach to the professional squad and academy at Northamptonshire CCC since 2008 and was appointed Bangladesh Bowling Coach to take the national side through the World Cup in 2011.

The Mavericks Cricket Institute features World Class Coaching from elite coaches in Batting and Fast Bowling.

The Fast Bowlers Bible emptied the shelves & bowled you over so much ...

Here's what you learn on the course:

  • How to help any bowler increase speed and accuracy
  • What to look for in a bowling action to help avoid injury
  • How to get the best out of a bowler
  • Bowling drills that accelerate learning
  • The benefits of advanced biomechanics without getting technical
  • How to help bowlers jump start their muscle memory and improve
  • How to use gadgets, props and external support
  • What works and what doesn't
  • plus much, much more

Ian Pont was an aggressive fast bowler who played first-class cricket for Nottinghamshire, Essex and Kwa-Zulu Natal. Renowned for his naturally gifted, powerful arm, he has recorded the second longest cricket ball throw of all time.

Ian works with international and county bowlers and his success at improving bowling actions for speed, straight lines and accuracy means that he is much in demand.

This fascinating book reveals the secrets of fast bowling and explains how it is possible to simultaneously bowl fast, straight and accurately.

The Fast Bowler's Bible is a very practical, easily accessible bowling manual that any seam or swing bowler playing at any level can understand. It contains explosive new information being used by the world's best cricketers.

"I wish that I had met Ian Pont, the bowling coach, ten years before I did... Ian is an expert in his field and has got some excellent ideas on how to engineer a bowling action." Ronnie Irani, Essex and England

Read the book, get out there and give the batsmen a workout ...

Alan Donald v Michael Atherton

Ian Pont: Mavericks Cricket Institute

Bowling Coach Creates "The World's Best Slower Ball"

It's taken hard work and much trying. But international fast bowling coach, Ian Pont, believes he has created the world's best slower ball that will deceive the finest batsmen on the planet.

The innocuous-looking delivery, known affectionately as the SLOB.

"It's quite an amazing delivery if you get it right", said Ian, a former fast bowler himself. "It's almost impossible to pick up by the batsman and in the load up to bowl it looks like any normal delivery, which makes it so hard to pick. That's what I wanted - something difficult to spot and extremely effective".

Ian has worked with world number one Dale Steyn, England legend Darren Gough and many up and coming young quicks, says anyone can master it. "Success rates are high for everyone who tries it but like all slower balls it takes some getting used to. I cannot see many batsmen hitting this if the bowler gets it right making it a perfect weapon at any level".

Ian Pont added. "It's something no bowler should be without".

Darren Gough Hat Trick, Ashes 1999

Mavericks Cricket Institue
Ultimate Pace Foundation

Ultimate Pace Foundation

Ultimate Pace Foundation


An introduction to the Ultimate Pace Foundation (UPF) by coaches Ian Pont & Catherine Dalton.

  • Fast Bowlers Bible

  • Fast Bowlers Bible by Ian Pont Fast Bowlers Bible by Ian Pont
  • Ultimate Pace Secrets

  • Ultimate Pace Secrets by Ian Pont Ultimate Pace Secrets by Ian Pont
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