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You Know How It Goes


Almost time for that start of the Fourth Test Match at Lords. The squads under the microscope and Sherlock is on the case for that there elusive master batsman that will conquer down under?

You know how it goes, it’s a national sporting obsession build ’em up and up then, knock their boots from under ’em, for six if possible.  Will we ever let sleeping dogs lie?

Probably not, it seems to go along the lines of, i’ve paid me brass i’ll say what i want!

Chumbawamba – Tubthumping

It’s sorta getting old hat to pick on the chosen few who are able to pull on the three lions and ask them to actually do what they do.  You know it and so do i, we’d swap at the drop of that there preverbial cap, but would we be any good?

Expectations are high for the winter and nothing but a win down under will do .. Blah, blah, blah, i’ll leave that one for others, for the time being, if that’s ok. It’s time to win this particular test series against Pakistan with style and a full house?

Rains in the air down south around Lords over the next few days, so what would you do win the toss put Pakistan in and try to roll ’em over early doors or bat first and add some pressure to the batsmen, just because you think it sounds like a plan?

Time will tell, Bring It On …..