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World Cup Venue Deemed Unfit

World Cup venue deemed unfit!  Eden Gardens is deemed unfit requiring a venue change for India v England on the 27th February as the Cricket Association of Bengal president seeks 10 days grace. Some say Eden Gardens may host India v England match and some say that the dirty tricks department is to blame.

No garden party as planned, as stated in the media release on the BCCI whilst the workmen are still hammering away into the early hours. Sorta sounds familiar does that and no doubt you’ll have read them there comparisons with that other major sporting event a few months back.

Toy Dolls – Nellie The Elephant

Way back when life seemed a tad more peaceful or should one say ignorance was bliss and just maybe one or two pink elephants could be found in front of the box in tha early hours of the morning. You know what I mean, you turned up at the ground ticket or coins in hand ready to watch thy team smash the opposition round the park ‘n’ send ’em home smarting.

Nowadays Lancashire brace themselves for record losses whilst players join the exclusive IPL millionaires club with the World Cup already suffering a few problems.  Recent reports have discussed the problems at Eden Gardens and previously the Chief Executive supported the venue in its availability for the forthcoming World Cup.

Everyone and his dog knows that finances are tight everywhere and that budgets and deadlines as sure as eggs are eggs spiral out of control, add to that tighter security checks getting into the ground and chaos is obviously the order of the day leaving another major sporting event in India smarting from further internal squabbling.

Warpaint – Elephants

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