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What a Day for a Daydream

The Ashes Coin

What a day for a daydream as England fly off down under today and both sides seem to be in good fettle when it comes to the sledging stakes The Captains looking for his feet and ready to lead from the front.

The Jury’s out on tha legal action, just maybe ’tis time for some to pull there necks in & see it in tha right spirit¬†as “a little bit of friendly banter between Australia and England.

Bill the Trumpet and the Barmy Army’s rendition of the Great Escape

Remember that there Aussie Posse from way back when? ¬†Wonder what happened to ’em no doubt they’ll be out and about wishing the England boys all tha very best in their endeavours in the coming months.

Fat Chance on a tranquil day in Oz, sledging will no doubt be alive and well from day one and we’ll “Use every weapon within the rules and stretch the rules to breaking point” Fred Trueman

Yabba training his Aussie posse

The search continues for the sledger’s ultimate combination of words, timing and delivery.

Bring It On

~ Inabit ~