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Welcome to Oz

Welcome To Oz

Welcome to Oz!

The Dudes still waiting in Oz and dying to wrestle away that there ‘ickle urn from the Captains clutches.

Check out tha Twelfth Man & maybe even the Aussie’s Bring it on campaign, as both camps build up the hype to The Ashes in Oz 2010/11.

Ned Kelly may have taken the blame & won tha fame in Victoria and for sure that there iron man’s legend spread around this ‘ere coil.

Not for me to say what, why or whatever being from this side of tha coil, so do what you do and read about tha Dude for thyself.

Stay Safe on tha streets & whatever you do be nice to The Girls should ya knock on me door later, chill & look forward to new beginnings by thy bonfire on Samhain.

~ Inabit ~