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snow place like home

The dude said crazy happens @ Perth and last week proved again that the WACA  be a graveyard for England for reasons best known to those who know what’s what, much more than i tucked  up in me duvet.

Somewhat of a blip in the recent natural order of thangs the way the tour has been going and you gotta believe expectations are naturally high with the girls & I.


We thought jobs a good ‘un after day one! Maybe we need a change of scenery.

James – Waterfall

The Vodafone Ashes 3rd Test is long since done ‘n’ dusted and off they go to Melbourne with two tests to play.  Whilst the weather in the North West has created chaos for many, England are in the sun for the now and it seems like the full moon has blown away many best Laid plans for the moment.

 The Ashes – Perth Day Three

James we’re in town on Saturday, tickets in hand and the weather put paid to that one personally, so the Winnie & the fan went hand in hand with events down under, so here be a few choons that I may have missed and that be life & No Worries there be another gig soon & with two tests to play ’tis time to chill whilst I indulge meself in a few Choons.

James – Dust Motes

Mad Friday may have passed and that there full moon be rising and it’s time to move on to the boxing day test me thinks with a chill and a positive vibe.  One more win and job done.

Hopefully Billy Cooper will Keep that there trumpet oiled for the fourth test and who knows maybe a James Choon will be heard?  No worries,  travel safe in the heat or snow wherever thy be keep waltzing along.

James – Top of The World

I’m off to look for a job somewhere, maybe I’ll even do a yosser hughes sometime soon, one never knows where that could lead?  Suggestions on a postcard to the usual address then again with this ‘ere T’internet thang thy can do what you do below, anyways I’m off out to play in the snow with the girls for the now.

~ Inabit ~