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The Gabba

The Gabba

Four days down with one to go and a draw be on the cards @ The Gabba.  Cook and Strauss hit tons as England fight back on the fourth day and batting has been the name of the game since day one!

England Stand Tall

If your interested in more info about the venue of the 1st test in Brisbane have a look at the links below, maybe even read the hacks who most likely have a word or three to say about what’s what in the first test and beyond and beware that there dude is back in the hot seat on Sky Sports.

You’ve dropped by the Australian Stadiums and now your at The Gabba home to the Queensland Bulls and the Brisbane Lions in the Australian Football League with a 42,000 seating capacity (So i’m told).

You’ve checked out the analyst Simon Hughes and Vic Marks and one or two of the cricket blogs on the right and that their man with the plan turns up one more time like the proverbial a bad penny.

The Aussies are Coming

It’s time to sort out the sunday roast whilst listening to the TMS Podcast and ABC Podcast then catch up on some kip and get ready for day five of The Ashes 1st Test Match.

I believe you know that you can keep upto date with commentary of the final day of The Ashes Brisbane Test with the boys back in the the Test Match Special box or via the live stream from ABC Grandstand throughout the night or day depending on where you are.

Then there be that there twitter thang where so many people have a point of view from all over the globe, ’tis just a case of dipping ya toe and away you go.  At the end of the day you don’t have to say or do anything at all just pop on over and check out the Joe blogs from around the globe.

Best thing is that often they turn out to be a cracking read from those that do what they do, follow their team in The Ashes.  It’s the winning that counts!

Oasis – Stand By Me

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