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The Cricket World Cup

The Cricket World Cup

After months of waiting, weeks of debating and hours of cogitating the cricket World Cup is under way with India v Bangladesh in Dhaka.

World Cup 2011

No doubt the Twitter brigade will have a great deal to say over the coming months on the who did what to whom, where and when, will this ever? The free twitter paper The Cricket World Cup will be updated in a couple of hours and who knows how that will go with the content, a tweak or three may just be on the way and that’s Ok in my book.

BB King / Eric Clapton / Buddy Guy / Jim Vaughn – Rock Me Baby

Everyone may just be checking in and out of the games as the week’s role on by, wondering how their team or favourite players are progressing. Should be interesting now that the hype is over and the games hace started. Can Bangladesh progress, will India struggle and who knows maybe England could do the honours?

PJ Harvey – Let England Shake

You will all have an opinion on the final, Australia v South Africa or England v India what do I know, time and a bucket loads of patience needed as the press guys will be pumping out lots of stats & information over the weeks to follow. Enjoy

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