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The Ashes 5th Test Sydney

The Ashes 5th Test Sydney

The 5th and final instalment of The Ashes is upon us and it’s Michael Clarkes turn to get the Aussie press on his side for his first Ashes Test in charge as Australia name two debutants. There be a small matter of the Ashes series still at stake and the Aussies have a young Pup ready to call the shots as Strauss warns Australian skipper.

A New Year is dawning with the Ashes in the bag for the trip home. Do yourself a favour and have a read of Justin Langer’s blog full of self belief and support for someone hounded by the chattering classes.

The Specials – Dawning of a new era (live in Athens 2010)

Australia v England
Australia Won the Toss: Bat
Aleem Dar

3rd – 7th January 2011

 The SCG

Sydney, Australia

Billy Bowden
Australia v England 5th Ashes Test Match Sydney Australia3rd – 7th January 2011
Australianflag Englishflag
Mitchel Johnson

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Gorillaz – Feel Good Inc

It’s not just a game ’tis a way of life and The Ashes is the pinnacle of that battle, at the end of the day especially with so many being affected by the weather in many places it’s good to have a perspective on the fact that life is so much more valuable, i may often have taken mine for granted at times, here be a few links for thee:

Australian man Owen Rooney still missing in Canada

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Australian Bureau of Meteorology

Heavy rain predicted for flood hit areas of Queensland

Cricket New South Wales Speed Blitz Blues

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