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Policies Procedures Guidelines

Policies Procedures Guidelines

In a different life, years back when, policies, procedures and guidelines allegedly ruled me head space.

For sure our random heroes behaved badly, that was a given. At least we could see some kind of personality we could relate too.

Far be it for me to say whatever, when it it boils down to the policies, procedures and guidelines involved on touring the world as an international whomever.

Buzzcocks – Breakdown

Seems like nowadays, delusions of grandeur are common place on a massive scale from those who wanna be better than whomever, even before they’ve hit the ground running.

It’s so not my place to get involved with, or say anything at all, ’bout the goings on in the pubs down under with those out & about down town, in a strange place for the first time.

Talk To The Wall

Seen far too many stupid incidents in me own life, escalate into shite.

At the end of the day, we’ve met the best of people in the worst of places and the worst of people, in the so called swankiest of spaces.

Keep on Smiling

A given, there’s going to be curve balls a plenty over the next few months, as the season of ill will continues on it’s merry way, as the festive family warfare, extends into another brand new year.

England ODI Squad
Eoin Morgan (Captain) Moeen Ali Jonny Bairstow Jake Ball
Sam Billings Jos Butler (Wkt) Tom Curran Alex Hales
Liam Plunkett Adil Rashid Joe Root Jason Roy
Ben Stokes David Willey Chris Woakes Mark Wood
England ODI Squad Additions
Dawid Malan

For sure the aussies will be laughin their rocks off at what’s been goin on recently and who could blame ’em for sledgin the b’jesus out of anyone at this time of year. Grow a thicker skin and walk on. ECB Statement on Ben Duckett.

Black Grape – Pop Voodoo

Me & me boys, don’t need or really want our so called heroes to behave like shrinking violets and yet at the same time…

Writing on The Wall

We don’t really need to be hearing ’bout muppets with desires on a future champagne lifestyle, rubbin it in on their jollies, when me castle’s a fridge and me fridge is empty.

Travel Safe

Stay Warm