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Listening to Cricket Down Under

Australia, England India Tri Series 2015

Listening to cricket down under at daft o’clock in the morning may not be the hardest thing to do over the coming months.  Australia & New Zealand host the 11th Cricket World Cup during February and March 2015 and the final few matches of The Big bash League are not a million miles away.

Maybe it’s not on everyones top 10 list of things to do on a freezing cold morning in tha NorthWest!  No worries who said life’s a competition? Do what you do and don’t stress what others think for sure is a chilled way to go with the flow.Big Bash League

The Tri Series featuring Australia, England and India is well underway and clocking what’s what from down under has improved over the last few weeks courtesy of a couple of tweets to those in the know @CricketAus & @abcgrandstand.Australia Test Matches / ODI & BBL Online Cricket Commenntary

Many Thanks for thy support that’s job done with listening to cricket down under via the early morning online BBL cricket commentary available from down under

Devildogs www updates are well and truly underway and for sure we both know that patience be tha key for the next few days as this ‘ere site will have more than a few changes to a css based Devildogs space!

RIP Lou Love and Stuff MeFor the now more than a few new tweaks are in progress in me head, with a couple of acorns sorted for the future?

Suppose that all depends on how long it takes to iron out me 101+ mistakes we’ve made once all the new files have been ftp’d?

For the now that’s so not a stress at all full stop.

A sad reminder for those whom may be interested is that both Lou & Savannah are no longer with us and that for sure blew my mind!  This ‘ere space is not only dedicated to the girls, in my humble opinion is a fantastic personal reminder for yours truly of our lives together.

Just for the record after more than a few months of whatever shall we do now thought process?

A brand new friend has kindly joined me in me castle a few weeks ago and who knows where, when or who’s garden path he’ll lead me up on our new life and journey into known unknowns or whatevers?Mikey and Me Onion Planting

Mikey is his name and he’s a four month old staffie cross.  No doubt he’ll be called Mike more than a few times in the future.

For sure it’s a given he’ll make himself known on more than a few podcasts via Cyphreinc & Guerrilla Podcasts as time goes by.

They say you don’t pick your dog, the dog picks you!

What do i know?

Nice One Sam at Manchester Dogs Home for thy time and patience and welcome Mikey to our castle.

So the usual suspects are beginning to turn up as Mikey & Me are listening to Cricket Down Under.  Of course it’s a given that England will do what they do and win, that goes without saying in my head.  So for the now as England get ready to take on India in the tri series.

Time for a brew and back to figuring out what’s what for future css additions on Devildogs?  All but sorted, though not quite.  Maybe time to start midnight ramblings with my little friend Mikey.

Buffalo Springfield – For What It’s Worth

Travel Safe

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