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Eoin Morgan played with Broken Bones

Eoin Morgan played with Broken Bones

England have lost the services of Eoin Morgan for the forthcoming 10th World Cup hosted by Bangladesh, India and Sri Lanka.  Eoin Morgan played with broken bones and surgery is now needed on a broken finger that was sustained whilst playing for England during the recent Ashes Winning tour to Australia.

Maybe ’tis a shame personally for Eoin not to be leaving for the subcontinent next week, however the door has now been opened for Ravi Bopara.

Chinese whispers abounded for a while and you know what they’re like, not everything one hears is just so and eventually someone puts the washing machine on and we get to know what’s what.  Cryptic it may have been with a bruised finger on Australia Day, during the 4th ODI in Adelaide, the fact is now that Eoin Morgan is out of England’s World Cup squad with broken bones in his finger.

Birds of Tokyo – Broken Bones

It seems to have taken some time for the injury to be diagnosed or at least for the details to be made public and to be honest that’s fair play, keeping mum for a while until the full extent of any injury is known.

One or two have suggested that he may have kept the extent of the injury schtum for longer than he should have, possibly suggesting that he may have thought it was only slight bruising, so as not to affect his place in the world cup squad.

Who know’s what would have happened if he had it seen to earlier, then again maybe he suggested there was not as much pain, ’tis water down the drain now.

Chris Tremlett is drafted for the subcontinent whilst R&R is on the cards for Eoin to get ready for the new season ahead with his hand tied up thanks to the Aussies.

British India – Tie Up My Hands

I suppose the cliche question remains to be asked!

Who is going to pull their finger out and stand up and be counted in one of the biggest one day competitions in world cricket?

Everyone has an opinion of the best team or the winning combination. Some say India others South Africa, it’s also been suggested that Bangladesh will give everyone a run for their money in a long competition that starts on Saturday 19th February with the final being played on Saturday 2nd April.

By the way the County Season starts at 11am on Friday 8th April 2011

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