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England v Scotland 2015 Cricket World Cup

England v Scotland 2015 Cricket World Cup

England v Scotland 2015 Cricket World Cup match will be under way in a couple of hours, so I thought it was high time that we officially introduced Mikey to Devildogs.

Let me introduce you to my little friend Mikey who’s getting on for six months old now.

He’s a Staffie cross who adopted me at the beginning of the year from Manchester Dogs Home : @manchdogs.

Mikey’s already been busy getting stuck in helping out with the ground work for this coming springs home grown whatever for Guerrilla Podcasts & has been more than enthusiastic when it came to lending his vocal talents when asked to volunteer his services as resident voice over guest on Cyphreinc Podcasts.

So i thought it was more than appropriate and for sure high time that Mikey was introduced properly to Devildogs. More to follow in time, patience is all and that’s a given in tha castle.

It may seem like we’re avoiding saying anything about England’s exploits from the other day against New Zealand! Just possibly that might have a grain of truth in it, though do we really need to say anything at all?

For sure the chattering classes have had a field day and will drag that performance up for time.  Using it as a stick to beat whomever, whenever the situation suits there personal agenda.

Time to move on and look forward to England v Scotland 2015 Cricket World cup match whilst an adopted jock rubs salt into the wounds.

Keep on trucking ’tis a long competition.

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