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England v Netherlands

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Netherlands Squad & Schedule

England’s World Cup campaign got underway against the Netherlands at the Vidarbha Cricket Association Stadium, Nagpur, India on Tuesday.


It’s almost a week into the competition and the scribes are well into discussing this, that or the other with many having similar gripes or misgivings. In a nutshell is the World Cup to long in it’s current format and does it have a future?

It’s been suggested that the next six weeks it’s the cup that counts and if you listen to the hype, India will be shutting down for a while. Though there seemed to be a fair few empty seats in quite a few of the recent matches as well as the England v Netherlands game.

Money is the obvious reason for the length of the competition that’s for sure and just maybe that will be the straw in the future. Though to be honest that’s a moan that has been going on for years and no doubt for many more to come.

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Changes are on there way regarding the format of the 2015 cup and a few of the minnows are not best pleased about that, one can somewhat understand there gripe to a point.

England have their first couple of World Cup points in the bag and though the game may not have been pretty, it’s the winning that counts at the end of the day and that’s job done and time for the in house discussions to continue and move on to Bangalore for Sunday’s game against India.  Where angry crowds clash with the police in the run up to the game.

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