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England v Ireland

England Squad & Match Schedule
Ireland Squad & Match Schedule

Here we go again. England v Ireland for the next thrilling adventure that is England’s Quest for glory and greatness. The Captain’s on a roll right now, Bresnan’s got his first five for and Bell is seeing three red lights and there’s no stopping him. England take on Ireland back on familiar soil at the M. Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bangalore, India

The Mantra is growing louder & stronger and so it should be, it’s all systems go for England at the moment. Three precious points in the bag already and another two up for grabs today this time the opponents are Ireland. So grab hold of thy Pedigree or Guinness, and chill for a while any ways, the tension should be flowing soon for one team or t’other and who knows what the score line will be, by lunch time we should have a fair idea ’bout that one.

Flogging Molly – If I Ever Leave This World Alive

Today’s game shouldn’t be a problem to catch on radio t’internet, most likely available far and wide this side of the coil anyways. Check out the enhanced scorecard if you fancy keeping up with the whatever’s whilst the games in progress.

Paul Stirling
Ed Joyce
Niall O’Brien
Alex Cusack
Kevin O’Brien
Gary Wilson
John Mooney
Trent Johnston
George Dockrell
Boyd Rankin

From what I’ve heard the scalpers are quite literally out in force and the locals aren’t enjoying the crack from their own police, a few of whom seem to be allegedly making a few bob from those fans so desperate to see a once in a life time match. No doubt there’s so much more going on that’s not hit the headlines yet and i can’t believe that it’s taking 3 hours plus to get into the ground to watch a ODI, what’s going on with the game recently?

Mind you do those upstairs really care about the fans at the end of the day it’s been said loads by those whom know much more than I. What sense is there of taking food off people who are going to watch a full days cricket talk about daft and could you imagine the police at Old Trafford, Headingley or Edgbaston trying to hit any of the fans going into the ground, beggars belief does does.

Any way’s enough of the that for the now, I’m miles away tucked up with the girls and so far it seems like a the World Cup has been a public relations disaster all round from the get go for some. I suppose that all depends on which view point you take, after all there’s millions up for grabs for the winners and you’ve gotta say that the last England game was right on and down to the wire to boot, quite literally in fact, who knows what the next twist in the story line will be in the saga that is the cricket world cup.

~ Inabit ~