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England Fly Home with The Ashes

England Fly Home with The Ashes

England Fly Home with The Ashes and that there Jet plane is almost home with the Crown Jewels of the cricketing world. The Ashes are back and buzzin’ that be to see ’em at the MCC one more time.

Ok, so I know they don’t actually go anywhere and it’s replica central with that there ‘ickle urn surely you know what i mean?

Congratulations one more time to Andrew Strauss & England, not forgetting all the back-room dudes who do what they do, Cheers for the sleepless nights.

Leaving on a Jet Plane

A few day’s off and then it’s back on the plane heading for a place in the World Cup finals!

Go on & scoff, laugh thy little socks off, bust a gut if you really have too! One never knows what the script is on any given Sunday, personally lovin’ the light and as the man said, (if you visited the link, you’ll know) I’m way too old now, whos life is he talking about anyways?

Just looked in the mirror and wondered should I run away & hide? ‘Tis not the way to go and yes I know the sport may be different and that’s OK. ‘Tis the principle that we will never give up trying and always support our team full stop, ask any supporter the fact that the underdog can rock is a buzz.

Gary Moore – The Loner

Some are more cynical than others and that’s life, some are paid to have a different point of view and that’s not the way it should be. Just because I want to see my team win the World Cup, doesn’t mean that viewpoint is misguided or flawed.

Fact is everybody wants different thangs in life. Australia would love to have won The Ashes but that wasn’t the case, Andrew Strauss holds the Ashes. We would prefer to have done better in the ODI, C’est la vie …..

~ Inabit ~