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Down & Out


Down & Out at Lords as England’s bowlers skittled the Pakistan batsmen in the first innings and are well on the way in the second innings with another collapse on the cards.

England have done fantastic to even get to a position of enforcing the follow on and the bowlers have blown Pakistan away and that’s what this ‘ere game is all about.  Teamwork.

Pink Floyd – Money

To add more icing onto the demon bowlers cake there is an ongoing betting scam investigation.  This is something that the game does not need and its a shame to tarnish this beautiful game.  Then again it probably won’t be the last time this happens.

Wonder what the odds are on the future of one or two of the Pakistan players?  Of course time will tell, get ready for a storm in the press.  Allegations they are and we all know that, what kind of damage does this do to the reputation of those named?

Time to roll Pakistan over in the first session and move onto the winter me thinks ….