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Its Not Thursday

Its Not Thursday
Its Not Thursday.  That means it’s time to get thyself settled, ready for the start of the 3rd Test Match at The Oval with a series win up for grabs. Andrew Stauss backs his team and what can one say, all eyes are beginning to look towards the winter in Australia, with one or two ...

England Win at Edgbaston

England win at Edgbaston and whilst the second test lasted somewhat longer than one or two may have expected. At the end of the day England got there well deserved win and I wonder where Pakistan will go from here? England v Pakistan 2nd Test – Edgbaston Scorecard

Clouds are Crying at Edgbaston

The clouds are crying at Edgbaston whilst the players are currently locked up in their rooms and already there has been some controversy on a rain-hit morning on day two.

Job Done

Job Done. England beat Pakistan at Edgbaston.  Pakistan are down & out of the Second Test at Edgbaston.  Three hours of day one and that’s yer lot!  Get your head round that.