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Blue Moon by Buddy from Down Under


Blue Moon by Buddy from Down Under.  One thing i have learned over the years, is that you most certainly can teach an old dog new tricks.  However, me thinks it may be some time before the girls will be up to the antics of Buddy from Australia.

Buddy the Rottweiler – Blue Moon

Not to mention the new skills that i would have to get me head round. One never knows! Probably more chance of pigs flying over Manchester if the truth be known.

Anyways, its the start of the football season proper this weekend, so the choon that Buddy is belting out sorta works for this side of the coil.

Just in case you thought i have forgotten ….

It’s day two in the Championship Match, Lancashire v Durham at Old Trafford and so far the weather seems fair for the day.  Now that’s the hex put on that one, so i ain’t saying nothing ’bout a ton on the cards at all.