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Can’t quite get me head round what’s what at this moment in time!

The sound of the girls going banana’s barking at daft o’clock in the morning is in me head, waking me from a deep kip.

The girls going crazy?  Full moon!  Creedence comes to mind,  maybe one or two more stereotype Choons and you can probably think of them for thyself!

Ozzy Osbourne – Dreamer

You don’t really need me to say what’s floating around at the moment, it’s quite understandable really.  If you were ‘ere, thy would be wondering why two unobtrusive, shy, wouldn’t say boo to a goose girls like mine, start to shout and bawl at 3am in the morning? Warning one of impending doom.

I for one can’t quite believe that johnny burglar would still be rattling the windows for long when he hears that song?  Lets not tempt fate, thats bad karma, full stop.

So off i go to investigate the scene and see if i can be of assistance to the dude, or whomever it be that has started the dawn chorus.  Your not going to believe that it was a fox outside howling away and that’s the truth, can’t believe it meself, pheww no johnny burglar to deal with, just the site of Brer Fox trotting off down the road, with a glimpse back for good measure.

Lancashire are not far from the forest in their championship match down in Nottingham. Check out the links either side of the page for thyself to those who know somewhat more than i ’bout the facts and figures and will actually let you know whats what and when etc. Maybe even drop by the online commentary sometime and listen in to the game in progress.

So who will be dreaming of a flight to Oz in 90 days time?

Did you ever, just found out tis about 20 miles or so from Barking to Lords?  Thats something i never knew being from this neck of the woods, strange thangs one finds out when your not really looking.

Stay safe, i’m off to dream some more ….